How web design has changed

webdesignOver the last decade, there have been lots of changes in web design due to the advancement in technology. Significant innovations have been done to websites hence the need to keep up with these changes. Initially, sites were just simple but nowadays new integration of plugins have taken websites to completely new levels. There have been changes in technology, software, and hardware required in web design, making it easier to launch any blogging or business platform. Let’s look at how web design has changed over time!

Mobile friendly web designs

Websites now have a separate version for the use of mobile devices such as tablets and phones. If you have a website that is not responsive to these devices, many people are likely not to take your business seriously. Today, convenience is the king since people want to access information wherever they are. Mobile devices have overtaken laptops and computers. This has resulted to designing sites in a magazine style to facilitate the use of these devices. Further, Adobe flash is rarely being used by web designers since it is not supported by most of these mobile devices. Some agencies, like webdesign Darmstadt, actually specialize on mobile friendly designs.

Large visuals

Photography has moved to the HD and even 4k realm, allowing for high-quality images to brand websites. In the late nineties, there were barely any good looking images on the web. Photos also facilitate the creation of logos. Likewise, high-quality images give a good perception to the audience which can lead to better sales. Since photography is being used to support the image of a brand, it can be the determinant whether a product or service you are selling will generate sales. For example, Amazon uses images when selling their products.

Thousands of fonts are now available

In the past, Aerial and times new roman were the standard fonts. Today, there are hundreds of fonts that are produced on a daily basis. You can use the new font designs for creativity on your website. These are the tools web designers use to enhance the look of a website. Times have changed where you are no longer tied to using the standard fonts. However, you should not use fonts that are not legible.

Booming of the social media integration

Social media like Facebook and Instagram have forced web designers to present websites to the public in a better way. Nowadays, sites should connect to social media to be more effective. Blogging and chat rooms have become quite common, despite the take-over of Web 2.0. It’s beyond any reasonable doubt that a Facebook plugin is necessary for all modern websites.

The cost of a web design

It has become less expensive to create a website. This means if you have a small business, you can even do it yourself in a lot of cases. Besides, software and the hardware costs have significantly reduced. You can use software packages like Drupal to facilitate the building of your site.

Popularity of style sheets

By using CSS, it has become far easier to change many aspects about the look of a site. A simple line of code can alter something on every page, thus eliminating the need to change each page individually. Again, this fact makes web design so much easier. Compare this to the year 2000 when everybody had to learn HTML and program pages by hand.

Here is a great tutorial series on how to use Drupal!